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"Natalie Blackman gives us perhaps the most beautiful voice in the show. Her elocution and timing are superb and unfailing. Her character of Elmira is a gem in the play that Blackman mines and polishes to perfection...Blackman’s Elmira is an eldritch goth-black smurf who enchants Poe and the audience." - David Glen Robinson, 


"Natalie Blackman is darling as the intelligent and witty Elizabeth, the apple of her father's eye, who hasn't quite bought into the notion that a woman needs a man to be complete." -Patricia A. Stiller, The Pantagraph

"Natalie Blackman is unforgettable as the simplistic sister Rose." - Nancy Steele Brokaw, The Pantagraph

"Blackman effectively careens between Catherine's exuberant wackiness and her simple longing to be loved." - Nancy Steele Brokaw, The Pantagraph

"Octavia, a heartbreaking Natalie Blackman" - Nancy Steele Brokaw, The Pantagraph

"There are a number of moving performances, especially from Natalie Blackman and Jason Celaya as a star-crossed couple waiting to be married until they complete their journey. There's a wordless scene of the not-yet-lovers teasing each other by a river that's tender and lovely." - Cody Clark, Daily Herald


"Natalie Blackman’s mixture of terror, confidence and enlightenment made her my favorite of the students forced to face La Divina." - Jenniffer Wardell, Salt Lake City Theater Examiner


"Stunning displays of operatic singing from Natalie Blackman, Shane Haag, and Stefanie Londino, who play Callas' three students."- Kelly Ashkettle,




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